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Thursday, December 20, 2012

I've become quite fascinated by crafting lately. A couple weeks ago, I finished a desk I was working on. My main purpose was to get it done, put it in my room and share it with you all on the blog. Buuuuut... Somehow, I forgot to post it. Until now of course. :)

So I bought this super ugly desk from the D.I. Unfortunately I can't find the "before" picture that I took of it, but it was seriously ugly. The wood was SO torn up, and the drawers were this super ugly forrest green color. Basically, it was kind of disgusting. I got it in the garage and with the help of my lovely mother, we sanded the whole entire desk (including the drawers) until it was a smooth, clean looking wood. Then I painted the body grey and the drawers white. We painted the sides of the desk with white and blue stripes... that was all thanks to my mother. A couple months back, we got some really cute vintage bird postcards, so when the paint was all dried, we mod podged them onto the front of the drawers.

Mod Podge is the BEST thing to ever happen to a crafter. You can do anything with it, it's the golden tool. You can buy it HERE for just 10 bucks. Best 10 whoppers a crafter could ever spend!!

After all the hard work, the desk turned out SO cool. I got a cool vase and some fake flowers to put on it, and I found a vintage lamp to put on it as well. I also found that mason jars look really cute (I like rustic decorations), and you can hold pens or jewelry in them.

So without further adieu, here's how the desk turned out! :)

I'm now working on a new project: a clothesline of photos. I'll post it as soon as I'm done.

But remember, fellow bloggers/crafters/soon-to-be crafters...
You can turn almost ANYTHING into a work of art with hard work, and of course, Mod Podge.

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