butterfly kisses

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

yesterday i got my eyelash extensions done by my cousin, ellie. i was always a little skeptical of them and was never quite sure if i wanted them. but when i saw that my cousin was having such an INCREDIBLE deal on them, i figured i would try them out. the verdict...
 I LOVE THEM. so so much.
they're so beautiful and they save a lot of time. they're really easy to manage; you don't have to do anything special to them. they were made to be manageable and to save time, and they exceeded my expectations!
i usually take maybe 10 minutes or less on my make up, unless i'm going out or want to look extra done up. i really like a natural look, because i think natural beauty is the purest and most real form of beauty. my lashes are the perfect length and fullness, because they look noticeably long and gorgeous, but they don't look fake at all. this morning, it didn't even take me 5 minutes to get ready. i put on some powder and blush and i was done. it was so awesome.
so all in all, i give the lashes 5 stars. they're gorgeous and very low maintenance. 


my cousin ellie is doing lash extensions for only $55 until November 1st!! that is the best deal on lashes i've ever heard about. they're usually close to $80 or even more. you're getting an amazing deal on gorgeous lashes AND saving time.

call or text ellie to get your lashes done and i promise you will absolutely adore them!

these lashes will give the best butterfly kisses in town.

Ellie Beckstrand
Located in Provo
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the little things

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

the other day, i was driving over to alpine to see my grandma and to visit the cemetery. while i was driving there, a song by Due West came on the radio. i couldn't help but smile and know that it was a little sign from my guardian angel saying hello to me; telling me he loves me. and i sure do love him.

my eighth grade year, devin's seventh grade year, one of dev's favorite country bands came to utah to do a local concert to fundraise for devin and his family.  he seriously loved this band so much. i went early to help out with setting the whole venue up. we set up chairs, decorations, if i remember correctly there were candles that we were lighting. and then there was devin and his family. when Due West came on stage, devin did his up and down bouncy thing he did when he got excited. i thought he was going to burst. that night was pure happiness.

it's really hard to grasp the whole concept of death- especially when it's someone you really loved. to think that they're gone, absolutely GONE, it's really difficult and it's not an easy thing to come to terms with. but it's little moments like these that bring him back to me, for just a moment. the times when i'm driving around and his favorite band or one of his favorite songs come on, and i know that he's sitting in my front seat jammin' out with me.

it's like the clouds open up and let him come down just when i need him the most. it's pretty amazing. life is a really cool thing. it's really hard sometimes, harder than i would prefer it to be. but it's really so wonderful.
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red leaves & a happy girl

Monday, October 14, 2013

it's that time of year again when the chill of the air isn't enough to wear a winter coat, but it's just enough to make your skin tingle and feel alive.
i love fall. i always hated it growing up, because it got cold and school started. i really didn't start enjoying it until last year, but it's probably my second favorite season now (summer being first, of course). i think i get a little bit sentimental in the fall. i see beauty and appreciate it more often than i do during the other seasons. i see beauty everywhere- the red leaves, the beautiful mountains, and it just brings me a little taste of heaven.

i've been reflecting lately on things of the past, people of the past. specifically about the people who hurt me, really REALLY bad. i've been extremely bitter toward them in the recent past. i never thought i'd forgive them, and i still know that i'll never forget them forever. but interesting enough, the less i thought about the hurt they caused me, the more time my wound had to heal, the more i forgave them. for me, the forgetting came before the forgiving, but either way, they both happened. how great it feels to move on, i can't even tell you... of course, i still think about the hurt sometimes, because i'm only human. my scars are healed but they're definitely still scars, they'll be there forever.

i guess i've felt very happy as of recent. just very content with my life, my friends, even myself. i've decided that feeling inferior is a really big waste of time. there are so many great, beautiful, and amazing things in this life that there are to appreciate. and i've learned to truly appreciate them. it feels a lot better not to have any issues with people. it feels good to forgive. it feels amazing to take the power to hurt me away from people, because no one make you feel inferior unless you give them the power to do so. it feels so good to be happy about myself, to not worry about other people, to be friends to everyone, to be civil to everyone, to not have any problems with anyone. and it's much, much easier to see beauty in things when you're not full of hatred and negativity. no one likes a negative nancy anyways, right?

these words are SO true, and once you believe them, you'll know exactly what i mean.
goodnight, my happy friends.

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