from housewives to rihanna

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hey bloggers. Sorry I've been so bad at blogging this month. Dance and school are taking all of my time, and believe it or not, trying to maintain sanity is coming before blogging now. Whoa. I've had a pretty great month. I went to sweethearts with darling Marcelo and had such a good time. My dance company had a competition in Park City last weekend and did well and had a blast. And last night, I went and sat courtside at a Jazz vs. Celtics game. I am the BIGGEST Celtics fan ever, it's somewhat desperate but I really just love them so much. Sitting so close was seriously unbelievable. There is no doubt in my mind that I was the happiest girl alive last night.
Something, however, did catch my attention last night. Every NBA team has their dancers. Celtics girls, Jazz girls, etc. Well, my best friend Kady and I watched the Jazz girls dance at timeouts and halftime, and I found myself pretty disgusted. As a dancer, I respect dance as an art; something to express feelings, something of passion. But the Jazz girls seemed to be doing none of that. I know that you can't go out on the court at a basketball game and do a ballet, it just wouldn't fit the event. But if you ask me, having your butt cheeks falling out of your spanks and hardly covering your chest and shaking what you've got (with NO choreographed movement, may I add) is not any form of dance. It truly saddened me to see what dance has evolved to be. Dance is what I love and cherish so much, and it broke my heart to see it being depicted so, well... wrong.
And then, it got me thinking...
Why do girls depict themselves like this? Why do we put on clothes that make us look like mere objects and move in ways that make us look like we have no self respect? I feel that the phrase "Chivalry is dead" has been overused in society as of recent. And yes, it is partly true, and I somewhat agree. Chivalry may not be completely dead, but it sure isn't what it used to be. But why is it that why? Is it because men have become disgusting pigs? Because that's what society and media everywhere tend to claim. And maybe it's true- I don't know. I don't think anyone really knows for sure. But I don't think it's fair for men to have all the fingers pointed at them. Look at women. Back in the good ol' days, they were housewives. You know, the classic American housewife: they wore dresses past their knees with collars and sleeves, they were family oriented, for the most part, they were not a symbol of things which compromised standards. But look what time has done to us. Look at Rihanna, Ke$ha, Victoria's Secret models: what are they promoting? What message are they sending out to men, and more importantly, to the future women, wives, and mothers of the coming generation.
It's like this: what came first, the chicken or the egg?
Did men turn into pigs, or did women begin to symbolize themselves as something insignificant to what they used to be?

I don't know. And like I said, I think that the evolution of society will always be a mystery to everyone. But there is one thing I am positive of: I cannot wait to raise kids. I know, I'm only 17 and won't be married for a couple years. But I can't help but look forward to raising my daughters to be among the few who DO stand for something greater than face value, and I am equally excited to raise my sons to treat a women with true chivalry- to see more in a woman than what is expressed in these days. I hope that one day I will find a man who see's that in me, and I sure hope that I have the ability to possess qualities greater than the ones of Rihanna and Ke$ha.
The future is bright- but only if you make it to be. Women: don't settle for this standard of being "objects" or "of no use", and men: don't let women believe that they are such things.


a love hate relationship

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wanna know what I love? Basketball. There is no greater feeling than watching my dad's team, or watching the Celtics win in triple overtime. NOTHING.
Wanna know what I hate? Basketball. There is nothing worse than watching my dad's team lose; looking at those cute college boys' faces when the buzzer sounds, and even worse, watching my dad hang his head all the way from the locker room to bed that night.
Wanna know what I hate most? People. People who think that this life as a coach's daughter is easy. Cause it's so far from easy. Sure, it's nice to get front row tickets. And yes, I get to meet a lot of good looking basketball players all over the country. But I also have to deal with my dad being gone all the time. I have to deal with having a negative atmosphere in the house after we lose a game. And yes, I understand that every adult comes home from work discouraged sometimes. But it's especially hard when you feel like 11 nineteen year olds are running your life.
Good win for my Celtic's tonight, though. Paul Pierce is bringin' it with Rondo out injured. Proud to be a Celtic. Even more proud to be Coach LaComb's daughter, though it does get emotionally draining at times.
goodnight lovelies.

i n s i d e . a . j u m b l e d . m i n d

Saturday, February 9, 2013

"so, this is my life. and i want you to know that i am both happy and sad and i'm still trying to figure out how that could be."

thoughts as of recent

Friday, February 8, 2013

There has been quite a somber feeling upon me for the past two days. It's a familiar feeling- a feeling I never liked, a feeling I never welcomed.

Heaven gained another angel this week. The beautiful, talented Sydney Bruning took her own life on Thursday. Though I had only seen her a couple of times at different events, I really didn't know her. But I know a lot of her friends, and I am watching first hand how the death of this amazing girl affected so many people. Like I said, it's a somber feeling. Somewhat relatable to the feeling I had on New Year's Day of 2012, the day Vance took his life. But this week, though, I am not mourning over the loss of a close friend like I was on that Sunday in January. However, I know that many people are. And that breaks my heart, because I know how it is. I'll tell you right now, it's the hardest thing in the world.

Tonight though, I am greatly mourning one thing, and that is our society. It should NOT take a tragedy like this for us to show our gratitude, love, and appreciation for our friends. It should NOT take death for us to say positive things about one another. Why do we walk around our schools giving people dirty looks, or talking behind their backs? We're all human and I know we are all guilty of it. But let me be the one to swallow this thing I call our "human pride", and say that those negative things are nothing but a waste of our time. It takes so much more energy to hate and drive someone out than it does to love and accept, so WHY do we do it? Our society needs, now more than ever, to get outside of ourselves, to open our arms to everyone, to look past clothes and hair and eyes; we need to look BEHIND those eyes, see what is deeper, and value a person for who they are. Everyone is human. Everyone is vulnerable. Everyone is hurting in some way or another. So let's help each other conquer our demons together, rather than being each other's demons.

As for those of you who may be suffering with things relative to what kids like Sydney and Vance were, PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR YOU. You are not alone. Seriously, there are so many people who you can confide in. All you have to do is look for them. Parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, friends, teachers. Help is all around you. Use it. Don't use a permanent solution for a temporary problem. Look for the good in life: there is SO much of it. Life is truly a beautiful thing, but only if you decide to make it that way. Your future is in your hands- no body else's.

 We are all on the same team. We all want happiness, but we will never achieve it with hate burning in our hearts. May we all join together, not only for ourselves, but for the ones who went before us; the ones we let down. Let us live to please them, and to please our father in heaven.

Rest in peace, Miss Sydney. 

sore legs, bruised knees, healing wounds

Monday, February 4, 2013

I think it's safe to say that dance is gaining even more control over my life as of recent. 6 a.m. practices, followed by 7 hours of school, 2 hour ACT classes, and at least an hour of working out, PLUS homework, I'm exhausted. But dance is going really really well and I'm so happy about that.

We're working on our dances for our spring showcase. We have one every year. Last year's was... interesting. There were some really cool dances, and there were some really weird ones. But our dances for this year are seriously incredible. I am so proud of the girls, and even of myself, which is a big statement for me. I never give myself much credit because I figure there's always something more I can do to work harder or be better. But I really have been giving EVERYTHING to dance. And I'm so proud of my team for committing and being as amazing as they are. I love my dance girls so so much.

I'm choreographing a dance for my boy Devin. It's basically about our relationship throughout his fight with cancer. I want to honor him because I know that what he went through was so incredibly hard, and he deserves to be remembered exactly the way he was: triumphant, strong, amazing. It's really cool to relive not only my experience with him, but his experiences. I've really put myself in his shoes for this dance and it's made me come to peace even more with his passing. Really thinking about how much he went through and how much he was hurting, I am so happy that he is free from those burdens now. I can't wait to honor him through this dance. I know he'll be with me on stage and I know this will give me so much closure.

With that said, I have been doing really well lately. Now I will go act upon my guilty pleasure and watch The Bachelor.