a hunky cowboy and a summer night

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I've sucked at posting lately. Oops.
Sorry y'all.
I have so much to update on- summer has treated me so well and I am so happy with my life.
A couple weeks ago I went to the Tim McGraw concert here in Salt Lake.
He's a 46 year old man...
But have mercy on me, he's the most gorgeous 46 year old within a million country miles.
(see what country music does to the vocabulary?)
He was seriously incredible live. I had the chills all up and down my body and I couldn't help but smile throughout the whole entire concert. As a musician, I really appreciate artists who are truly talented, who sound the same as they do on the radio as they do live. Tim McGraw was breathtaking.

He also wore tight jeans and a cut off t shirt.
Good mighty man above, his biceps and his little booty...
Enough said.

My favorite song performed at the concert was not in fact what I expected it to be.
I thought my favorite part of the night would be 'One of Those Nights' or 'Just to See You Smile'. But nope.

As Tim McGraw sang 'She's My Kind of Rain', I literally cried.
Tears. Literally coming out of my face.
He was so good and that song was just so beautifully written that I just lost my mind! If you've heard the song, you understand my obsession with it because it really is amazing.
If you haven't listened to it, do it.
Right now.

See, it's amazing. You're probably not a freak like me and you probably didn't cry but still, COME ON. How perfect is he?
Pretty perfect.

I hope you're all having the greatest summer ever.
I'm gonna get back into updating you all and posting more often.

Have a fabulous summer night, love bugs.

like really, nothing could beat this happiness right here

aly juliet

oh so small

Sunday, June 16, 2013

That feeling when the lump in your throat starts to form, and you know you're about to break.
Vulnerability builds up in your eyes until it's blurring your vision so much that you feel as if your head is underwater.
You're drowning.
Your breathing becomes short and quick, and with each breath in, your stomach fills with air until it can't take any more.
A gust of wind comes out of your mouth.
The wind blows the vulnerability right out of your eyes and in two streaks, it falls down your face.
You haven't even blinked.
Vulnerability falls to your hand.
You look at it.
In just one droplet holds every feeling you are having.
Just one small droplet.
You feel as small as that droplet.
Maybe smaller.
You wipe your hand on your shirt.
You have to shake this off.
Vulnerability is not an option.
Breathe in again.
Breathe out.
Walk away...
Even though you still feel oh so small.

midsummer souls

Monday, June 10, 2013

The photos from the collaboration shoot are finally out!
Last night felt like Christmas Eve, I couldn't wait for the reveal.
And to be honest...
I let myself down in this shoot. My photos aren't completely terrible but it's definitely not my best shoot. I guess we all have our good and bad days- this was just a very inconvenient time to have an off day. I'm really disappointed in myself. I feel quite defeated, actually, like I didn't do what I know I could have. My confidence feels a little bit shaken. But I CANNOT and WILL NOT determine my self worth based upon a roll of film or the way a camera captures me. I have learned throughout my modeling experiences that I have to love myself, my every single "flaw", and as long as I do that, I will always be content with myself and my work. So no, I'm not absolutely thrilled with my results in this shoot, but I know that I won't let it get me down, and I can't wait for my next shoot to work even harder than before.

The photos really do look AMAZING though. Absolutely stunning. Our photographer is pretty much absolutely brilliant, as well as our hair and makeup artists. The group of models we had were breathtaking and as I sit here looking through these photos, I am humbled, honored, and so grateful that I could work with these sweet girls and very funny boys.

Here are a few photos from the Midsummer Souls shoot!
Enjoy. :)

Photographer: Steight of Mind
MUA: Gentri Lee
Stylist: Gentri Lee
Creative Director: Gentri Lee

a perfect ten

Friday, June 7, 2013

Yesterday was a perfect ten, it really was.
My friends McKay, Becca, Graydon and I hiked Stewart Falls. If you're in Utah county, this hike is a must! Check out the details here.

I love hikes. As I've gotten older, I've learned to really appreciate the things around me. I stop to take photos a lot- habits of a blogger. I got some pretty good pictures, but somehow we didn't even think to get a group picture. I'm super bummed about that, and that I didn't bring my nice Canon camera to get some even better pictures, but the photos I got will suffice. At least I have the memories, right? :)

mckay, becca, graydon

hi mckay :)

stewart falls

if ya look real close, you can see mckay and becca at the top by the waterfall :)

mckay and graydon

becca was the smart one who provided snacks

along the hike

provo canyon, ladies and gentlemen

the crew

hi graydon :)

Summer has been so perfect so far and it's only been one week. I have the best friends in the world and I live in such a beautiful town. I have so much to look forward to these next few months.

cheers to summer 2013

aly juliet

fun in the sun

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Good evening kids and cats.
Today I went swimming at my friend Savannah's house with a bunch of kids. We had brunch and layed out in the sun. My legs are currently burned to a crisp, but don't fret, they'll be brown and bangin' by the end of the week.
I went to the "beach" today. It's really just the lake, but the water comes up on a sandy shore and it is the closest thing Utah really has to a beach. I went to scope it out for this bonfire I am planning for tonight. The beach is the perfect spot. We're gonna have Martenelli's, a huge fire, good music- the classic summer atmosphere. I'll make sure to take some good photos for you to enjoy. :)
have a fantastic night, summer loves.
remember who you are



 pool party. it was a cool party.

aly juliet

cue summer nights

Monday, June 3, 2013

Today, I ate watermelon for breakfast.
Today, I went to the craft store.
Today, I let the sun leak in through my blinds and listened to Youth Lagoon.
Today was the first real day of summer, and today was fantastic.

My family came over for dinner tonight. We watched the playoffs and listened to old family tapes we had found cleaning out the old house. When it got dark, we sat by the fire and talked about old memories at the lake house and at our house in Park City. My family really doesn't get together much, but when we do, I am always reminded of how much my Heavenly Father has blessed me with such great people and examples in my life.

After the family shin-dig, I went to little miss Becca's house and we met up with Chase, Ben, Casey and Doug. We got into our cars and went back to my house to have a fire. There's nothing better than feeling your toes burning from resting your feet on the fire pit and getting sticky mallows all over your hands. We shared funny stories and a lot of laughs tonight.

It was such a simple night, there was nothing extraordinary about it. But those are the nights that I have learned to appreciate so much; the nights with people who I can be myself around, doing things that aren't extravagant, and being completely content with it- THOSE are the nights I can't wait to have this summer.

casey, ben, becca, chase, doug.
basically i have the coolest friends, and now they're blog official. :)

ALSO... sidenote.
I had a huge collaboration photoshoot on Saturday for Ugly Magazine and fashionutah.com. This shoot was called Midsummer Souls, and it was seriously one of the most fun shoots I have ever been apart of! I'm so grateful I was chosen to be in it. I haven't seen any of the final photos yet, but there has finally been a sneak peek released!! YAY! :)
It's just a group shot of the female models on set, but it's given me a little glimpse of what the final individual photos will look like and I am BEYOND stoked to see them.

Photographer: Steight of Mind
MUA: Gentri Lee
Stylist: Gentri Lee
Creative Director: Gentri Lee

aly juliet

current music obsession

Happy Monday, my readers! I hope you all took a nap as long as I did today :)
As some of you may know, I go through these phases of obsession with different bands and artists. This week, I've gained this obsession with the band, Daughter.  They are seriously INCREDIBLE. Their lyrics are brilliant- absolutely brilliant.
Check them out! I'll be posting my current obsessions with bands every time I move from one artist to the next. So keep your eye on the lookout for these posts if you are in dyer need of some new music. I'll also post current book obsessions, current movie obsessions, current app obsessions, current fashion obsessions, and anything else I can really think of.
So without further a dew...
Enjoy the noises of my new favorite group of talented humans, Daughter.

scrambled thoughts

Sunday, June 2, 2013

I haven't got much to say tonight.
When there's a lot on my mind, I either have too much to say, or too little. Tonight it would be the second of the two. The past has been on my mind a lot recently. My life has changed so much in the last year or so, and I've reflected a lot on those changes as of recent. I'm very happy with my life now. I really don't know if I can even remember the last time I have been this content. But it still hurts to look back on things; to remember the feelings I thought would last forever. The good feelings that made me feel like I was the most important girl in the world, as well as the bad ones that made me feel so small. It's crazy how vividly I remember the past and how strongly I still feel those feelings. I guess that's the beauty of the past, as well as the dark side of it. It can make you wish you could go back, or it can give you a gratefulness of how far you've come.

I guess it's all perspective.
I guess that's just life.