Did I Mention She's 5 Years Old?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Remember that pinky promise I made to Blog again the next day? Ha...

I lied.

Sowwy bout that. Well today I hung out with my sister. My 5 year old LITTLE sister.

Who, did I mention, is 5.
Who gets on my nerves.
Who bugs me when I'm with friends.
Who seems to always get whatever she wants.
Who "always ruins everything".
Who I catch in my room playing with my stuff.
Who sometimes, I can't stand.

And guess what...

 She's not half bad.

I took her out to the park across the street tonight. We jumped on the trampoline and went on a walk. Wanna know what I noticed about her? She does everything I do. Everything. I did a toe touch, she did a toe touch. I attempted a front flip, she attempted a front flip (and yes, I DO mean attempted... for both of us). Then I took her home and told her she needed to bathe. Of course, she didn't want to. So I told her she could take a bath in her swimsuit. And she was ECSTATIC to go get her swimmy on and take a bath.

In the bath, I washed my hair. She then asked me to wash her hair. I washed my face, she grabbed the bar of soap and rubbed it all over her little cheeks. I shaved my legs, she used her fingers and pretended to shave her legs. When we got out, I got her ready for bed and started painting my toenails. She came up to me with a bottle of polish and said, "Sis, I want some too!" So I did her nails too.

Best part of this whole night...

We went down to the kitchen and I started making her a cup of milk. She started doing a funky dance move that I always do to make her laugh, and she said "Sissy, I taught Makenna this dance today. It's YOUR dance!"

Do I really make this big of an impact on this little girl? The same little girl who I get mad at for wearing my bracelets? The same little girl who I tell to leave me alone? Now THAT'S scary. Jeez.. I hope I'm teaching her well.

Anywho.. tonight made me realize how much I LOVE my little Anna. Of course, I always knew I loved her more than words can even say. But tonight was just a reminder. What on earth would I do if I lost her? She really is a bigger part of my life than I tend to think on a regular basis. And she's a reason I need to be a good example. I don't have a kid (thank the heavens), but I do have a little sister who learns from me, who I am an example to, and who I love more than I'll ever be able to explain.

Life is fragile. One moment can change everything. So love the people you've always loved, and love the people you sometimes can't stand. It's a whole lot easier...
It sure makes life more worth living.

I'm Alive.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Well I'm here. On Blogger. For the first time in weeks... maybe months. March is crazy for my family and add moving on top of that, Blogger is NOT a priority (but Bubble Shooter is...).

But yes, I am still alive.

Like I was saying, it's been a crazy couple of weeks. NCAA Tourney, dance, moving, end of 3rd term... definitely been super stressed. But I've also been really happy for the past couple of weeks. And I owe that to my best friends. Some of them don't even read this blog, but some do... so thank you. You know who you are. :)
I've also been focusing a lot on music lately. I haven't mentioned it a lot in my blog but I loooove to sing. It's what keeps me going and it's my sanity. When everything's going wrong, I have my piano, my guitar, and my voice. They're my best friends whenever I'm home. I sit for hours and just sing... I'm real surprised my voice doesn't go away every night. I used to write music a lot in 8th grade... but then again, I was in denial so I needed to do SOMETHING to keep me sane :) But I've been writing a lot again lately and it's been good for me. At first I was a little rusty, whipping out the classic "rain, pain" rhymes that Hannah Montana uses. But after a while, I got the hang of it again. And I realized something about writing that I absolutely LOVE. It makes you an individual... and most of all,

There's never a wrong way to do it.

  Yes, there's some songs like Rebecca Black's 'Friday' that are a disgrace to musicians and lyricists everywhere. "We we we so excited" Really? Like what the crap... But still, she's not doing it WRONG. Just different. Cause if you think about it, there's not a wrong way to write. There's different styles and ways and formats- but there's never a song that isn't correct. Lately I've been super hard on myself with the way I do things. I never do anything right and I never make the right decisions. So in my writing I've been really excited to figure out that I am NOT doing it wrong! I'm just being an individual and expressing myself.

Welp I'm done here. I'll post tomorrow...

Pinky promise.