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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

i find it absolutely heartbreaking that this society seems to encourage self consciousness. some may argue that we don't do it, and i would agree that no,  we do not encourage self consciousness directly. but we DO buy magazines with models who are portrayed as flawless. we DO watch sports with incredibly talented people. all of our movies and even reality TV shows are people who are acting, they know that there is a camera in front of them and that changes a lot of the tendencies they would have if they were by themselves with no cameras.
wouldn't it be interesting to see someone all alone, unaware that they were being seen? we never really see that these days. through instagram filters and our amount of facebook likes, we are striving for perfection. we're putting on a front that doesn't show our true colors, but hey, it might get 100 likes on instagram.
this leads people to see our "perfect" selves and makes them want to be "perfect" too. we cover up our so called flaws and differences to become the cookie cutter definition of beauty.
it is truly a shame that we cannot see ourselves in our most honest of moments. like when our eyelids flutter as we sleep at night, the way we look at that special person and every fiber of our being seems to become alive, how our eyes crinkle when we giggle, or the way our tears, though they may be sad, make our eyes sparkle. humanity is the most beautiful in it's honest state: not tinted by an instagram filter or an inspirational quote as a caption. we should all remember that truth and stop ourselves from sucking in while looking in the mirror or trying to make our eyes look bigger with makeup.
we are most beautiful in our honest moments, as God made us and as we are meant to be.
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