Devin Harris: You Are My Hero

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I've seen lots of people pass away in my lifetime, whether it be expected or not.

I saw my great grandparents pass away at old ages.
I saw my aunt pass away due to bad decisions.
I saw a friend passed away because she didn't want to pursue this life anymore.
I saw a friend pass away in childbirth, and her brand new baby girl with her as well.
I saw a neighborhood friend pass away due to health problems.
I saw a friend pass away because he gave up.
I saw a friend's father pass away completely unexpectedly.

My point is, life doesn't last forever. And whenever it ends,

it really doesn't seem fair.

Devin Harris has always been that kid that puts the BIGGEST smile on your face, no matter how hard you try to keep it off. In elementary school, he was always playing four square. Laughing. Jumping. Yelling. Running. Shooting hoops. Playing with his friends- oh, he had SO many friends. But there's something different about Dev.

He is blind.

That's a hard spot to be in. If it were me, I'd probably be throwing myself a pity party every day. Whining, complaining, moaning, feeling just plain sorry for myself. Devin has always been exactly the opposite.

I remember him walking around with his cane, he always wore this fleece red sweater. He walked on his tip toes a lot, and he was ALWAYS smiling. I can honestly say I never saw Devin without a smile on his face.

When I was in sixth grade, Devin was in fifth. My two friends and I would eat lunch with him, helping him eat, and then going out to play four square. He knew who I was by the sound of my voice, which I thought was the coolest thing ever. When spring hit, Devin wanted to learn to play basketball. So a group of us taught him how to shoot. He got to the point where he could make shots. Every time we told him he made a basket, his face lit up and he would get jumpy and excited. Honestly, I would give ANYTHING to see that reaction again.

In middle school, Devin was diagnosed with cancer. He was eventually put in a wheel chair, and they got him on chemo therapy (I believe that's what they had him on). Seeing Devin come to school everyday with a smile on his face, despite his circumstances, inspired me.

He inspired me more than he will ever know.

Watching Devin's family inspired me just as much as he did. His brother, Derrick was amazing with him. Absolutely, positively incredible. I've never seen so much love from a brother to another brother. It baffles me, really. As for Devin's parents, WOW. No one can comprehend the strength, faith, patience, and love it took these parents to go through this. It's not even comprehensive to me.

At my middle school's talent show my eighth grade year, my friend Kira (who was also a friend who helped Devin in elementary school) and I sang. We were pretty excited, because we had the chance to sing in both assemblies. We sang in the first, and it went fabulous. Then we were told we couldn't be in the second. We were mad, to say the least. We sat in the audience and watched the show. Then the last number came on, which was supposed to be us. It was Devin Harris in his wheel chair, along with his friend who had a guitar. Devin sang a song he wrote called "Kill the Cancer Man". It was basically about how whoever cancer is should die, and we all need to try and kill the 'cancer man'. Long story short, 

Kira and I bawled in the back of the auditorium like little babies.

This kid is an inspiration. We all knew that he would be leaving this life early, but it never really hit me. I guess I would just wishfully think that he would miraculously heal and be able to live a long, happy life.
 I got a call Monday and was told that he's in really bad condition. If I understand right, the people at the hospital said that his organs are all being forced to one side and his lungs are being smashed. Only one of his lungs is available to breathe through, and it is filling up with fluids. In simpler terms, it's almost like he's drowning. (Again- I'm not sure if this is 100% correct, but it is the basic idea). They don't expect him to last past this week.

Heart: broken.

First thoughts: Devin's family does not deserve this, his friends do not deserve this. Oh but guess what. I thought, and I thought, and I thought some more. In fact, I didn't get much sleep this week at all. Devin deserves this. He has fought and fought his whole entire life, and done nothing but smile. Laugh. Give. Inspire other people. He deserves nothing more than to share that smile somewhere that he doesn't feel pain.

Dev, you define a hero. You will never know the impact you made on me. And as sad at it is to see him go, I'll leave y'all with this.

It's a peaceful thing when you know that heaven gets new angels every day, but it's an even more beautiful realization when you know that heaven is getting an angel like Dev.

Love you Devin. 

Aly the Brat

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tonight, my bratty side comes out. No, I'm not in a bad mood. I'm in a great mood, actually. But I think this would be a pretty fun thing to blog about...

Things people need to hear.
Sometimes people just do/say things that make me go, "Why were you born?" Really. Some things I see make me want to throw things at people, or make my knuckle prints a permanent feature of their face because they don't understand their stupidity. So here we go folks, the top 10 things people need to hear, but don't.

#10:Hey lady, don't wear shorts shorter than your daughter's. You look like you belong in Vegas.
#9: I know you're trying to be a good dad, but you do NOT need to wear a Goofy hat around Disney Land for your kid to love you. Buy your kid a churro or something instead. Please.

#8: Darling, you don't look tan. You look like you rolled around in a bag of Cheeto's.

#7: I know that you two are in love, but PLEASE keep the love in an area appropriate. In the middle of a mosh pit at a dance party isn't super romantic anyway.

#6: Must you yell to make me notice you? All you're doing is making me think you're obnoxious.

#5: Whoa, your parents own a Ferrari? That's tight... but they own you too, so you ain't as cool as you think you are, pal.

#4: Once you turn 30 (and even that is pushin' it), PLEASE don't go to dance parties. You don't look hip. You look like a 1974 Buick in the middle of a Range Rover sales lot.

#3: Why the bloody devil do you have your kid on a leash? Did you buy him, along with his packaged food, for 10 bucks in the Wal Mart parking lot? Treat him like a human being, not a K9.

#2: Sweetheart, you're 12... you are not in love with him.

#1: Only one person on this earth can pull off sunglasses when it's not sunny... and that is Usher. Are you Usher? No. So quit tryna be cool, take your sunglasses off & grocery shop like a normal person.

Well that's 10 of VERY many things that people need to come to realization with. Yes, I realize I sound like a total complete brat. But I think it's fun to make fun of things people do.

Chances are, people make fun of things I do all the time.