life is coming

Thursday, January 23, 2014

wanna know what's absolutely nuts?
my life is going to start soon! like, it's really gonna start and i'll be experiencing real life!
though i am 18, and technically an adult, i still live at home and am still in high school which is really bittersweet.
i am SO excited to get out of the laughable education system we call public school, but at the same time, i can't imagine life without it: friday night football games, parties, ditching class, being on dance company. my life consists of all of these things and in about 4 months, it'll all be over forever. 4 of the most important years of my life will be over within 4 months. THAT, my friends, is wacko.
the worst part about this stage of life though, isn't being sick of high school or the people you've been stuck with for 4 years. it's the questions from family members who you only see once a year at the christmas party, like
"what are you going to study?"
"are you going on a mission?"
"where are you going to live?"
"where are you going to work?"
"are you dating anybody?"
those questions are so scary! do they not realize i'm 18? that i still go to parties and dance my heart out and stay up til the early hours of the morning with my best friends? how am i supposed to determine my life in just a few decisions? well i've decided that i'll never really know what i want to be. i'll be a spunky 70 year old and i still will have a new idea of what i want to be when i grow up. if there's one thing i do know, though, it's that i want to be a mommy. more than anything in the whole world. i couldn't imagine a future for myself without a mr. whatevermylastnamewillbe and our little tiny humans running around the house.
it's so crazy that i'm gonna be a real big kid soon. i'm excited. painfully, bitterly excited.
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