oh so small

Sunday, June 16, 2013

That feeling when the lump in your throat starts to form, and you know you're about to break.
Vulnerability builds up in your eyes until it's blurring your vision so much that you feel as if your head is underwater.
You're drowning.
Your breathing becomes short and quick, and with each breath in, your stomach fills with air until it can't take any more.
A gust of wind comes out of your mouth.
The wind blows the vulnerability right out of your eyes and in two streaks, it falls down your face.
You haven't even blinked.
Vulnerability falls to your hand.
You look at it.
In just one droplet holds every feeling you are having.
Just one small droplet.
You feel as small as that droplet.
Maybe smaller.
You wipe your hand on your shirt.
You have to shake this off.
Vulnerability is not an option.
Breathe in again.
Breathe out.
Walk away...
Even though you still feel oh so small.

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