a hunky cowboy and a summer night

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I've sucked at posting lately. Oops.
Sorry y'all.
I have so much to update on- summer has treated me so well and I am so happy with my life.
A couple weeks ago I went to the Tim McGraw concert here in Salt Lake.
He's a 46 year old man...
But have mercy on me, he's the most gorgeous 46 year old within a million country miles.
(see what country music does to the vocabulary?)
He was seriously incredible live. I had the chills all up and down my body and I couldn't help but smile throughout the whole entire concert. As a musician, I really appreciate artists who are truly talented, who sound the same as they do on the radio as they do live. Tim McGraw was breathtaking.

He also wore tight jeans and a cut off t shirt.
Good mighty man above, his biceps and his little booty...
Enough said.

My favorite song performed at the concert was not in fact what I expected it to be.
I thought my favorite part of the night would be 'One of Those Nights' or 'Just to See You Smile'. But nope.

As Tim McGraw sang 'She's My Kind of Rain', I literally cried.
Tears. Literally coming out of my face.
He was so good and that song was just so beautifully written that I just lost my mind! If you've heard the song, you understand my obsession with it because it really is amazing.
If you haven't listened to it, do it.
Right now.

See, it's amazing. You're probably not a freak like me and you probably didn't cry but still, COME ON. How perfect is he?
Pretty perfect.

I hope you're all having the greatest summer ever.
I'm gonna get back into updating you all and posting more often.

Have a fabulous summer night, love bugs.

like really, nothing could beat this happiness right here

aly juliet

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  1. Oh my you have no idea how much I needed this boost today! You are the sweetest. Thank you so much, cute girl.