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Monday, June 3, 2013

Today, I ate watermelon for breakfast.
Today, I went to the craft store.
Today, I let the sun leak in through my blinds and listened to Youth Lagoon.
Today was the first real day of summer, and today was fantastic.

My family came over for dinner tonight. We watched the playoffs and listened to old family tapes we had found cleaning out the old house. When it got dark, we sat by the fire and talked about old memories at the lake house and at our house in Park City. My family really doesn't get together much, but when we do, I am always reminded of how much my Heavenly Father has blessed me with such great people and examples in my life.

After the family shin-dig, I went to little miss Becca's house and we met up with Chase, Ben, Casey and Doug. We got into our cars and went back to my house to have a fire. There's nothing better than feeling your toes burning from resting your feet on the fire pit and getting sticky mallows all over your hands. We shared funny stories and a lot of laughs tonight.

It was such a simple night, there was nothing extraordinary about it. But those are the nights that I have learned to appreciate so much; the nights with people who I can be myself around, doing things that aren't extravagant, and being completely content with it- THOSE are the nights I can't wait to have this summer.

casey, ben, becca, chase, doug.
basically i have the coolest friends, and now they're blog official. :)

ALSO... sidenote.
I had a huge collaboration photoshoot on Saturday for Ugly Magazine and This shoot was called Midsummer Souls, and it was seriously one of the most fun shoots I have ever been apart of! I'm so grateful I was chosen to be in it. I haven't seen any of the final photos yet, but there has finally been a sneak peek released!! YAY! :)
It's just a group shot of the female models on set, but it's given me a little glimpse of what the final individual photos will look like and I am BEYOND stoked to see them.

Photographer: Steight of Mind
MUA: Gentri Lee
Stylist: Gentri Lee
Creative Director: Gentri Lee

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