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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Good evening kids and cats.
Today I went swimming at my friend Savannah's house with a bunch of kids. We had brunch and layed out in the sun. My legs are currently burned to a crisp, but don't fret, they'll be brown and bangin' by the end of the week.
I went to the "beach" today. It's really just the lake, but the water comes up on a sandy shore and it is the closest thing Utah really has to a beach. I went to scope it out for this bonfire I am planning for tonight. The beach is the perfect spot. We're gonna have Martenelli's, a huge fire, good music- the classic summer atmosphere. I'll make sure to take some good photos for you to enjoy. :)
have a fantastic night, summer loves.
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 pool party. it was a cool party.

aly juliet

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