Friday, March 29, 2013

It's so good to be home in Texas. This place just feels like home, there is nothing like it. I love the smell of the humid air, the sound of the birds and bugs at night. Kady is here with me for this trip. We took the car today and drove all around town. We ran some errands and went to my aunt and uncle's house to help set up for my cousin Lauren's sweet 16 surprise party. She didn't know that I am in town, so it was really cute to see her reaction when she saw me come down the stairs.
We also drove some back roads today. They're narrow roads with fields on both sides. I showed Kady the longhorns that I love to visit while I'm here. They walked over to me and just looked at me, almost like they recognized me and were welcoming me back home. It made me so happy, and it filled me with a feeling of pure joy- like when you feel that there's a smile that starts in your toes and comes up your whole body and wipes across your face uncontrollably. That was me, due to big long horns, open roads, and country music.

We topped off today with skinny dipping late tonight (no pun intended). It's something you HAVE to do when you're in Texas. I feel like today, I lived inside of a country song. And I wouldn't have my life any other way.
I promise we're wearing strapless swimmies in this photo :)

happy 16th, lolo. i love you!
favorite picture of all time.
isn't he so cute?
Goodnight, cowboys and cowgirls.

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