this stupid game

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tonight, my dad's team lost in the first round of the WCC tournament.
Tonight, I was pissed off.
Tonight, I saw a tweet that said this:
"I'm sick of these rebuilding years at BYU. Why can't we just be good already?"
Wanna know what I'm sick of?
I'm sick of dealing with everybody's criticism towards my dad's team.
I'm sick of people claiming to feel such a "sting" after a loss, but they don't know how it is to have so much riding on a group of college boys and whether a ball goes in a hoop or not.
I'm sick of having to hold back funny quotes from Twitter when they include 'damn' or 'hell'. Cause heaven forbid I give our family a bad reputation for all the stupid BYU fans who follow me (there are like 5 of them, at the most).
I'm sick of feeling like I have to live up to this "coach's kid" standard, more so to this "BYU coach's kid" standard. Cause BYU sure is different than any other school. In a good way of course, but with that comes a tremendous amount of pressure.
I'm sick of people saying that we're such a bad team and that they're sick of these rebuilding years. WE MADE IT TO THE SWEET 16 JUST TWO YEARS AGO, PEOPLE. Our star player won the Nai Smith award 2 years ago! We had a player go to the NBA, JUST TWO YEARS AGO!! If these are rebuilding years, be grateful. For rebuilding years, we are a fantastic team. And our boys bust their butts trying to get the win for all of the fans. Be patient. Just. Be. Patient.
I'm sick of trying to find the fine line between being involved in basketball, and letting basketball run my life.
This whole lifestyle is stupid.
It's just a game, a stupid game that no one will really remember in 10 years. But at the end of it, this stupid game is what seems to control everything around me. Just two numbers on opposing sides of a giant sign. And the stupidest part about them, is that those two numbers can make or break me.

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