hold your tongue

Sunday, March 3, 2013

silence is the only moment in which the air is clear.
the only time it's easy to breathe without choking on words.
all it takes is one mouth to be opened,
and suddenly...
the air is contaminated with words-
word and letters with meanings.
meanings they might mean;
meanings they might not.
either which way, this air can be poisonous
once we get a taste, it never leaves us.
like salt,
the taste remains in our mouths whether we want it or not.
nothing can completely wash it out.
only time,
and clear air;
but words don't seem to stop from pouring out.
silence doesn't seem to exist.
like a gutter in a storm,
it does not stop.
changes need to be made,
tongues need to be held.
taking back words is not merely possible,
nor is it enough.
there's still a dent in the atmosphere,
marking where those words poured out.
to silence the air, we must silence ourselves.
but none of us are willing.
apparently it's okay to stab someone with your words.
to take one sentence and cut so deeply,
so deeply that someone may give up.
is that really what you want?
every time you open your mouth,
THINK of your impact.
will you regret the words you let pour into the atmosphere?
cause they can't be put back into your mouth no matter how hard you try to push them.

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