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Sunday, September 23, 2012

September is busy. SO busy. School, birthdays, getting up at 5 am for early morning dance, homework, homecoming shopping, trying to stay sane, for obvious reasons. I'm one tired girl. But I'm one happy girl. And I am very grateful for that.
Homecoming was last night. I had the greatest time. My date, Colton, was darling. He's such a cute kid. My group was so fun and I love that we all got along so well. It's fascinating to me that at my high school, you can put pretty much anyone in a group together and you'll usually all get along. We're lucky that we have such cool kids to go to high school with.

My birthday is coming up and I am seriously giddy about it. I can't believe I'll be 17 in two days. It seems like just yesterday, my mom and I were singing 7 Years by Norah Jones while driving around Alpine. That was our song when I was 7 years old. It didn't mean nearly as much to me then as it does now in hindsight. When I listen to it, it instantly takes me back to the days when we lived in that little house in Alpine and drove that old, white Volvo. I'd sit in the front seat and put my feet up on the dash, leaving little toe prints on the passengers side of the window. I loved listening to Norah Jones with my momma. I grew up with not only a great mother, but a great friend. She's always been there for me, even when I didn't in the least bit deserve it. I wouldn't be seeing 17 this week if it weren't for her. She's really such an amazing woman, and I thank God every day that He sent me to her.

Little Anna turned 7 last week. How crazy is that? I can't believe she's already that old. She's still a little girl, but she  really is growing up so fast. Now I can see why mothers don't want their kids to grow up. I feel a sense of responsibility when it comes to Anna, being her only big sister role model, and I can't stand thinking of her growing up just like me. Two of me would be a scary thing, indeed.

Anywho, sorry for the couple of days without a post. Like I said, it's been quite busy around here. But it's definitely time for my Sunday nap. I'll post homecoming and birthday pictures ASAP.


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