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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't you hate those days that nothing seems to go your way? I do.
That day is today.

Nothing awful happened. My dog did not die. My best friends didn't call me a dirty rotten back stabber. I did not stub my toe. Nope. It's just been a day when nothing goes right. One of those days that every little thing bugs you and nothing seems to be going on your side of the scoreboard. My printer broke down. Lost the stupid Bubble Shooter game like 5 times in a row. My head is aching like crazy. School is way too much for me. I don't care about geometry, I don't care about India, I don't care about the muscles that I use to dance.

Life's just going so slow.

I know I really should be looking at the positive things... but ehh, cram it. I'm not feelin' the happy mood today. The world would just be Candy Land and Happy freaking Island. Which would not be as great as it sounds. So now that I am in the 'let's not be optimistic' mood, I will tell you one thing that I hate- and that I've especially hated for the past couple months.

I hate time.

It just plays with your head. It goes by SO fast when you don't want it to, but so slow when you do. Seems like just yesterday I was 10 years old and 'sneakily' kicking peoples butts underwater at the Pleasant Grove Pool with my cousins (I thought I was so sneaky. Ha psych! They noticed). But it seems like forever ago that I was sitting in 3rd period just waiting for that stinkin' bell to ring. Yes folks, that was but a couple of hours ago. But the number one thing about time that I can't stand is that some times are so great and easy, but some are so rough to get through. I know that without all this there would be no difference between good and bad, happy or sad. But it's so hard for me to wrap my brain around. Why do certain times have to be so much more difficult than others?

There are those times when you're so happy and nothing in the world can bring you down.
Then something does.
There are those times when you're so lost and nothing will ever go your way.
Then something does.
There are those times when time needs to slow down.
It never does.
There are those times when time can't pass soon enough.
It never does.
The moral of this story? I don't really know. I don't think I'll ever know. There will never be a reason that time will never go your way. Guess it's one of the mysteries of this weird, messed up, crazy, beautiful life that I will never solve.. especially as an immature 15 year old who may or may not still kick people butts underwater at the Pleasant Grove Pool.

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  1. Dude A freaking men. Time is a hassle. Lets just run around in bikinis on the beaches of cancun for a while eh?

  2. h word no! i say we go all out... COMMANDO BABY!