"Beauty is Imperfection" -Marilyn Monroe

Monday, February 7, 2011

We all have things about ourselves that we don't like. I could name plenty...
 My eyes are brown.
My stomach isn't rock solid.
My hair isn't to my waist.
My teeth aren't white as fresh snow.
My skin isn't always smooth as butter.

But guess what?
I am beautiful.
You are beautiful.
And that's the beauty of beauty.

Every girl/woman would change things about herself if she could- it's only human. But why is it that girls my age are so hard on themselves? Is it Seventeen magazine? Is it Kim Kardashian? Is it the boys who love a perfect body? Or is it simply the want to be perfect at this age?

But the point is, who is perfect? And what IS perfection?

Don't even try to deny that you're sitting there thinking, 'Perfect? Hmm... perfect is a nice body, beautiful hair, big colorful eyes, talent.' Sure, those things are always nice. 

NEWS FLASH: they are NOT perfection. 

The one thing that breaks my heart is a girl who denies her talent and her beauty.

I went through a time where I lacked confidence. There was almost no confidence in me at all. I was 'too fat'. My hair wasn't 'pretty'. I wasn't worth anything. I looked in the mirror and saw just a girl trying to stand out in a crowd of extremely pretty girls at a high school. And I can assure you, that was one of the worst times I can remember. It was all because I did not understand beauty. But guess what?

I finally caught on.
 I got a grasp on the fact that beauty can't be bottled.
Beauty doesn't need Photo Shop.
Beauty is inside, no matter how cliche that dang saying is.
Beauty is confidence.
Beauty is a genuine smile- not a white, straight, flawless one.
And beauty is imperfection.

To all the girls out there (cause I have SO many readers... Psych), please look in the mirror tonight and point out the things you love about yourself. Because no matter how much I hate these following things,

 The freckle by my right eye.
My brown eyes.
My "curves".
The length of my hair.
The tooth with the chip that I exaggerate a little too much.
My not insanely white teeth.
My split ends.
Because they are my flaws. I've learned to love them, and I've learned to make them beautiful.

Attached is a picture of my friend and I. I don't care what you say, I think it's beautiful.
Good night, ladies and gents.

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  1. Aly Aly ALY! I think you need to become like julie in Julie and Julia because you my friend need to consider going professional with this! My dear one you are so talented and lovely and just being around makes everyone else more shiny and beautiful oh babe thank you for being such a drop of sunshine in every ones lives i like you my little aly!