My 10 Guilty Pleasures

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guilty pleasures. Unfortunately, we all have them. But guess who gets to hear my top 10 guiltiest of the guilty pleasures?
You do.
I guarantee I will regret this. But there's no going back. Here we go :/

Guilty Pleasure #1: I absolutely love Pretty Little Liars and The Bachelor/Bachelorette. They are the most girly, dramatic shows I can think of and I'm ashamed to be so into them. Buuut I am. And I'm okay with it.

Guilty Pleasure #2: I enjoy going to Wal Mart or some place like that and talk in an accent. Usually a British one, or Spanish kind of thing. And I just ask about the country.

Guilty Pleasure #3: If a scary guy is ever hitting on me, I act like I'm pregnant. You know, lean back. Grab my stomach and grunt loud, painful grunts. Make him over hear me talking about a kid... that whole shabang. He immediately catches on and doesn't bother me again. Sketchy plan, I know. But I'd rather do that than be stalked by a risky man.

Guilty Pleasure #4: I don't eat Mac N Cheese unless it's covered in ketchup. Mmmm. I'm real picky about ketchup, but on Mac N Cheese I just can't get enough.

Guilty Pleasure #5: When I go to In-N-Out, I ask for like 5 of the big sauce packages. Unlike most girls, or humans for that matter, I cover my sauce in fries.

Guilty Pleasure #6: I love taking pictures of myself. Not cute ones. Not pretty ones. Not ones with beautiful make up and hair. Crazy ones. I make faces and take pictures in my room and just laugh so hard, because some faces I make are unbearably funny... to me, at least.

Guilty Pleasure #7: I love Secondhand Serenade. He's so cheesy and so cliche. But his writing amazes me and I fall asleep to him every single night. :) (oh and he's my friend on Facebook, which I'm really really proud of)

Guilty Pleasure #8: I love singing in bed. Not legit singing. Like yelling. One morning I woke myself up because I was belting Love You I Do by Jennifer Hudson in my sleep. Eh... not belting. More like screaming.

Guilty Pleasure #9: I daydream lots. Love love love it. Sometimes I daydream about wonderful things like marrying a buff man hunk or eating a huge ice cream sundae. But sometimes I daynightmare and think myself into worries. I think way way too much. And it causes me to worry myself.

Last, but certainly not least...

Guilty Pleasure #10: I love pickle juice. You're grimacing right now, I know it. But it's so great. *pause* I just went to get some pickle juice. And I'm drinking it as we speak.... type.... read... ??

I hope I've inspired you to not be so guilty about your guilty pleasures. Expect a post tomorrow...

And promise me you'll try the pickle juice.


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  1. Pretty much I love every one of your posts... and you :)

  2. Pretty much I love every one of your comments... and that's it ;) Haaa psych!!! I love you woman :)

  3. i'm glad i found your blog,

    because i drink pickle juice too.

  4. Aly, you are a very beautiful writer. Im guessing your songs are very good :)