News Flash: I Have Somewhat of a Life

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Five days since I've posted. It's felt like a pretty long five days. But during those five days was one of the funnest weekends I can remember. 'What?!' You say, 'Aly has a life?' Yes folks. I have had quite the wild ride in the past week, consisting of many many things such as...
Cole Gordon
J Maw
T Rose
Spoolin' it up
Spool. Need I say more? Pool sized hot tub. Spa pool. Spool. Now let me tell you, we love Taylor Rose. Not for her spool, not for her tickets (Cole....hahaha), not for her party ice. We love Taylor for Taylor. Buuuut the spool comes in handy on a lovely Saturday night. :) Me and T Rose made some unreal pancakes. Definitely ghetto fabulous.
Friday night... easily one of weirdest things I've done in 2011 (so far, that is). Spontaneous bonfire in a culdesac made out of a bird feeder, wood, matches, and some awesome Temppanyaki gasoline. Oh and not to mention the continuous screams from Mac and T Rose before leaving the house? I will never forget that... considering the fact that they almost permanently damaged my ear drum.
 Car rides home jammin' along to the Spanish station?

Shout out to my Power 4!!
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I could never ever say it enough.
Tay: I loved our awkward "Hi bye" relationship for the first 3 years of our history. It was the MWC Tourney in Vegas that brought us out of that stage. We walked down to the gift shop of JW Marriott and started playing with light up rings. Then you decided to break one. We started laughing hysterically and left the store. The next day we went to check on it and sure enough, it was still blinking like crazy. That was the trip that we bought our 'friendship rings'. Mine was green and yours was white and if you pushed them, they lit up. I never told you... but mine broke the next week. I was biting it. :) Thank you for letting me crash at your place, and 2 times in a row this weekend. Thank you for the idea of a quote book. Thank you for talking to me on the phone every night. Thank you for listening to me talk 'til 2 a.m. until I roll over to see you snoring. Thank you for letting me LITERALLY bore you to sleep. Thank you for letting me crash that first Provo High School football game. Because of that night I have so many friends that I would never have had the chance to even meet. You don't realize how much you mean to me.
Mackin: Ohh homie. Can I just say that I will never ever forget the first time we played. September 24th after the Provo High football game. The eve of my 15th birthday:) We ran around Macey's looking for chocolates, cheetos, and Zotz (yes, that was definitely the first time I ever had Zotz). We sat in our spankees and showed each other our muscles, and our lack of muslces that we wish we didn't lack. Midnight struck and you and Tay were the first ones to wish me a happy 15th birthday. Who would have thought that just a few months later we would be best friends. Thank you for listening to me talk about irrelevant, stupid things that I forget about the next day. Thank you for being short with me... without you my shortness would be a shock to Provo High. Buuut thanks to you, they're immune to it ;) Happy 17th birthday!! December. (I just wanna be the first to say happy birthday.. doesn't hurt to return a favor).

Kim: First time we clicked: back rubs quote. SO MONEY! That was the day I got your number and we started texting about random things. Then we hung out a couple times, saw each other at the basketball games, and the rest just fell right into place. You are beautiful! Don't you ever forget it. And you're worth so so much to me, and to everyone else. Thank you for letting me call you at 1 a.m. Thank you for talking to me on the phone every night. Thank you for talking me out of my little sad times. Thank you for laughing at my retarded jokes and lines that really shouldn't even get the courtesy laugh. Thank you for sharing your last legit bottle of Coca Cola with me. Thank you for making me laugh when I need it, or when I don't need it at all. Thank you for staying up late and talking on the phone to Isaac with me at your house (haaaaaahahahahahahahahaha). Thank you for being the perfect height for my head to rest right on top of your shoulder.

Overall, thanks for everything girls. Power 4 for life. I looove you :)

J Maw and Cole Gordon...
 Hahaha. I love you boys. Thank you for making everything fun. And thank you for thinking I look pretty without make up on. :)

Last but not least...
Addie Lamb.
Thank you for being my soul sister. It's as simple as that. You're so sweet, so adorable, and we're buying a duplex for our future families. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for sharing everything with me- from diapers, to perfume. I love you sooo much, more than I can say, and I always will.

Ah friends. Don't you just love them No matter how close, far, weird, spontaneous they may be.. they always give you a good time. Who would have thought that a bonfire with 7 people would be a blast? No one. But friends can make anything seem like the funnest night of your life. (My mom makes fun of me cause I always say 'of my life') The best memories I have ever made have been the stupid, random things with my really good friends. Honestly though... What would I do without these kids? Spooling would be no party at all. Ke$ha would be just a random stoner that didn't make me think of Cole Gordon. Chasing J Maw down to get my phone would be non existent. Tanning oil would not bring back memories of Addie Lamb's tramp. Let's be real... life would not be the same without my peeps, that's for sure.
That's all for tonight.
G'night, my FRIENDS.

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