Blogging: Chore or Hobby?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I've tried oh so many times to blog and it never really works out too great. My 3 best friends (who you'll hear about lots in the future) just made their own blogs so why not me? I'm hoping this isn't my first and last post. I find myself wasting most of my time on Facebook, which gets quite boring. Is Blogger my next addiction?
Cross your fingers, folks.
Speaking of Facebook, what's with the "50 random facts about me" notes? First off, 50 facts is way WAY too many unnecessary things that people don't care about. Let's be honest... they're super lame. But let's be honest again... they're super fun to read.

Am I really doing this? Here we go. 20 random facts about Al.

1. I love hot. Hot anything. Hot weather, hot cocoa, hot showers, hot tubs, and especially hot males.
2. Spiders are equal to Satan. If you want me to die, place me and a spider on an island. I can assure you I will swim to heaven.
3. Addie Lamb is my soul sister. We've been sisters since the day she was born. I love her more than I can say.
4. I'm a proud member of the Power 4. My 3 best friends and I are like the 4 amigos. We call ourselves the Power 4. This kick-A group consists of me (Aly), Kim (Kimchi), Makenna (Mac, Mackin, Mac Baby D, Mac Daddy), and Taylor (Tay, Trosey). We're a crazy group of ladies. Love em to death.
5. Basketball is my all time favorite sport. I'm a huge Celtics fan.... I'm alllll green, kids.
6. I hate lists of stupid things that people don't care about. This is a rare occurrence, my friends.
7. My dream car is a 2011 black Range Rover HSE Sport with black rims. So nasty sick. So out of my budget... or any 15 year old girls' for that matter.
8. My phone is ghetto. I butt call at least 3 people a day. Who knows what has been heard through an unintentional call from Al's booty.
9. If I could be unreal at anything, it would either be dance or volleyball. I am a dancer, but I'm not as good as I want to be. And let's be real, volleyball is so smooth. All those beach volleyball players with their sick bodies. But here I sit. Blogging. Eating cookies. In my sweats. On a Saturday night. I have the sickest bod you'll ever see. Psych.
10. I can talk/sing with my mouth closed. Strange? Nah. Admirable? H word yes.
11. Cotton balls will be the death of me. They give me the chills and I hate them.
12. I love talking on the phone. Texting is decent. But talking on the phone is way more entertaining and WAY more social.
13. Beyonce is my hero. The day I can sing like her will be the day I'm genuinely happy.
14. I wish I had blue or green eyes. But to my dismay, reality is harsh. And reality is accepting my boring brown eyes.
15. Music is my life. If I'm not singing music, I'm writing music. If I'm not writing music, I'm dancing to music. If I'm not dancing to music, I'm listening to it.
16. I'm super picky about ketchup. It depends on the amount of it and what it's on. I'm very very oober picky about the stuff.
17. I love In-N-Out. For some reason their fries are heaven to me. Soo good.
18. I could live on Frosted Flakes. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Midnight snack. I could gladly eat them anytime.
19. Chris Brown is really really attractive to me. Dancer. Singer. I have nothing against him for anything....
which brings us to our final stupid fact.....
20. I hate Rihanna. Oh so so so much. One day I'll do a post about the celebrities I hate. Rihanna will have a great part in that. I could make a list of 100 reasons why I can't stand the chick. Heaven forbid me. I'm raging just thinking about it.

There ya go. 20 facts about me. Now you know me on a personal level. Psych. Well you know what I'm into. And that's a start. Wellpp.. I'm sleepy. Maybe I'll go watch Fresh Prince. Or possibly do something even more unproductive.

G'night kids.

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  1. I love this. And you :) Power 4 for life

  2. I love all 20 facts. I know you love hot things, we have to plan our showers in this house. I know you detest spiders, I hear your screams while I am up in the kitchen and you are down in your teenage dungeon basement that you love (except for the random spiders). Addie's mom has been my soul sister from the time we were your age and we even had the sheer joy of sharing our pregnancies together while sharing our lovely little duplex on 3080 south in Salt Lake, great memories. The dream car, well, it will remain your dream car. You are an amazing dancer and singer. You have always been so talented! Cotton balls? Wow, I didn't know that one. Maybe that's why Suzie Snowflake is so traumatic to you every year. I hated my brown eyes when I was your age too. Now, I love them and I love that you have them! :) I could say more, but I better not. Less is more, right!!?
    You're the best!