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Monday, February 4, 2013

I think it's safe to say that dance is gaining even more control over my life as of recent. 6 a.m. practices, followed by 7 hours of school, 2 hour ACT classes, and at least an hour of working out, PLUS homework, I'm exhausted. But dance is going really really well and I'm so happy about that.

We're working on our dances for our spring showcase. We have one every year. Last year's was... interesting. There were some really cool dances, and there were some really weird ones. But our dances for this year are seriously incredible. I am so proud of the girls, and even of myself, which is a big statement for me. I never give myself much credit because I figure there's always something more I can do to work harder or be better. But I really have been giving EVERYTHING to dance. And I'm so proud of my team for committing and being as amazing as they are. I love my dance girls so so much.

I'm choreographing a dance for my boy Devin. It's basically about our relationship throughout his fight with cancer. I want to honor him because I know that what he went through was so incredibly hard, and he deserves to be remembered exactly the way he was: triumphant, strong, amazing. It's really cool to relive not only my experience with him, but his experiences. I've really put myself in his shoes for this dance and it's made me come to peace even more with his passing. Really thinking about how much he went through and how much he was hurting, I am so happy that he is free from those burdens now. I can't wait to honor him through this dance. I know he'll be with me on stage and I know this will give me so much closure.

With that said, I have been doing really well lately. Now I will go act upon my guilty pleasure and watch The Bachelor.


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