a love hate relationship

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wanna know what I love? Basketball. There is no greater feeling than watching my dad's team, or watching the Celtics win in triple overtime. NOTHING.
Wanna know what I hate? Basketball. There is nothing worse than watching my dad's team lose; looking at those cute college boys' faces when the buzzer sounds, and even worse, watching my dad hang his head all the way from the locker room to bed that night.
Wanna know what I hate most? People. People who think that this life as a coach's daughter is easy. Cause it's so far from easy. Sure, it's nice to get front row tickets. And yes, I get to meet a lot of good looking basketball players all over the country. But I also have to deal with my dad being gone all the time. I have to deal with having a negative atmosphere in the house after we lose a game. And yes, I understand that every adult comes home from work discouraged sometimes. But it's especially hard when you feel like 11 nineteen year olds are running your life.
Good win for my Celtic's tonight, though. Paul Pierce is bringin' it with Rondo out injured. Proud to be a Celtic. Even more proud to be Coach LaComb's daughter, though it does get emotionally draining at times.
goodnight lovelies.

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