Memories Fade

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Funny how people forget things.
Things they used to care about.
Events that used to happen daily.
People they used to love.
Funny how such a big part of someone's life can just fade.
Like it never meant anything.
Like it was all just a waste.
Something that won't be looked back on ever again.

Was it a waste?
Tell me, did you forget?
Or is it something you choose not to look back on?
In a way, that would be worse.
Knowing that you remember everything.
But you CHOSE to let it go.

It's time for me to let go.
Not just for a couple of weeks while I try to move on.
No. No. No. No. NO.
I'm putting you at the bottom of my priority list.
I'm really doing it this time.
For once in my life.
Because despite the fun times, the good talks.
You just don't deserve me right now.
And I don't deserve this right now.

So please don't pretend to care once I let go.
Because you don't.
And honestly, I don't.
It's you that makes me think I do.
Because you make me think YOU do.
It's a game.
Such a hopeless game.
A hopeless game that, frankly, I'm done playing. 

Now I hope you enjoyed having me on a leash for so long.
Cause I'm free now.
I am free of your grip.
I am free of your spell.
I am done.
The memories are being shoved aside.
Not by chance, but by choice.
My choice.

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