Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tonight, not unlike any other night, my mind races. I'm so fragile, especially through these next few hours. It's so easy for me to get scared and want to throw in the towel. Evaluating my life turns into evaluating the challenges, the losses, the disabilities. I usually turn to having a good cry and writing my feelings down to get them out. Well, obviously none of that is working because every night without fail, I'm bombarded with a wave of anxiety. So tonight I tried to find some source of inspiration to lift me up rather than dwelling on the things which bring me down. In my endeavor, I found some great photos that made me feel like there is hope and that everything will be okay. This was a much better alternative to being sad about my life, which I cannot change. The messages I got from each of these photos vary, but regardless, they were all things I needed to hear.

breathe in.
you can do this.
breathe out.
you are strong.
wipe the tears.
you can't give up.
stand up.
you are worth it.

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