Sunday, June 24, 2012

I remember being a little kid and being so scared of the dark. I was scared to open my closet by myself because I didn't want something to jump out and scare me. I didn't like not having covers on me in bed because I thought something, not someone but someTHING, was going to get me. Interesting, isn't it, that at one point all of us were scared of something... Something along the lines of creatures. But of course, everyone grows up and out of that little stage. It's quite a stage, some would say. There's no such thing as monsters, right?


I believe in monsters. Yes. I, Aly Juliet LaComb, believe in monsters at the age of almost 17 years old. But I don't imagine them with 3 eyes, big furry bodies, claws, bloody fangs, tails. Certainly not. I imagine them with the normal two legs, two arms, torso, chest, nose, eyes, eyelashes, lips, teeth, hair, fingers, even a beating heart.

When you hit a certain age, being afraid of monsters is ridiculous because you just know that monsters aren't real. But in reality, at that certain age, you yourself are becoming a monster. You start to care what people think and say about you. You start to care what you look like, do at school, who you hang out with. You aren't a carefree child anymore. You're something completely different. Yes, I'm totally guilty of it. It's an insecure time that everyone has to go through sometime. It's a time that monsters are created.

High school is the home of all monstrous creatures. I've learned that the hard way. People are mean. Everyone says girls are the meanest, which is true. Girls are furious monsters. They're catty monsters and they have the ability to make another girl feel absolutely worthless. They can crush another girl's confidence with as little as a few words. But boy monsters are pretty powerful, too. They could do the same thing, but in a different way. You see, some boy monsters will lie. They can stab you in the back. They can be greedy, selfish, manipulative, and ultimately want nothing from the poor girl monsters they cast under their spells. It's high school. A big building of monsters who generally don't care much about other people's feelings.

Lots of people don't ever grow out of the monster stage. Sure, we all grow out of our fear of monsters. That's a "silly" fear, right? Well, I don't think it's at all silly. We should all fear monsters, cause when we look inside of ourselves, there's one inside of all of us. They sure don't have fangs or claws, but they're in all of us somewhere. So it's okay to open your closets, it's just fine to look under your beds. But don't trust just anyone, because we're all monsters, whether we admit it or not.

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