butterfly kisses

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

yesterday i got my eyelash extensions done by my cousin, ellie. i was always a little skeptical of them and was never quite sure if i wanted them. but when i saw that my cousin was having such an INCREDIBLE deal on them, i figured i would try them out. the verdict...
 I LOVE THEM. so so much.
they're so beautiful and they save a lot of time. they're really easy to manage; you don't have to do anything special to them. they were made to be manageable and to save time, and they exceeded my expectations!
i usually take maybe 10 minutes or less on my make up, unless i'm going out or want to look extra done up. i really like a natural look, because i think natural beauty is the purest and most real form of beauty. my lashes are the perfect length and fullness, because they look noticeably long and gorgeous, but they don't look fake at all. this morning, it didn't even take me 5 minutes to get ready. i put on some powder and blush and i was done. it was so awesome.
so all in all, i give the lashes 5 stars. they're gorgeous and very low maintenance. 


my cousin ellie is doing lash extensions for only $55 until November 1st!! that is the best deal on lashes i've ever heard about. they're usually close to $80 or even more. you're getting an amazing deal on gorgeous lashes AND saving time.

call or text ellie to get your lashes done and i promise you will absolutely adore them!

these lashes will give the best butterfly kisses in town.

Ellie Beckstrand
Located in Provo
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