Summer Lovin'

Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's that time of year. Short shorts, swimsuits, popsicles, snow cones, wavy hair, no make up, brown skin, no care in the world.
I waited so patiently for this summer. I anticipated it a lot.
"Summer 2012! It's gonna be the best summer yet!"
I say it every year, but now I'm starting to think I should probably stop doing that.
Cause I build it up to be something so fantastic.
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely ADORE summer. And I'm so so SO glad it's finally here.

I've always wanted to have a great summer relationship. Jumping in the lake, running through the sprinklers, getting snow cones, watching the sunset.
Corny, corny, corny... I know.
But come on.
A relationship with no regrets.
No drama.
No pressure.
No worries.
No one from school getting in your business.
Just admit it: it sounds quite appealing.
The idea of having a boy (or girl, for all you gentlemen) to do have fun with; to spend your three months of sun and a carefree world with.

I've got some great friends. Great, funny, pretty friends who I couldn't love any more. Lots of these pretty ladies have boyfriends. Cute boyfriends. They all make such good couples and do the cutest things.

They JUMP IN THE LAKE together
They WATCH MOVIES and CUDDLE together
They GET SNOW CONES together
They WATCH THE SUNSET together


Summer is just so fantastic, it should be shared with someone just as fantastic, don't ya think?
Maybe, JUST MAYBE, I'll find someone amazing to share an amazing summer with.
But if I don't, it's not gonna get me down.
I don't need a boy to be happy.
But if I did get one, I wouldn't be complaining.
Either way, I've still got an awesome summer ahead of me.

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