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Monday, September 16, 2013

hi pretties.
today has been great. busy, but great. anna turned 8 today which has been a weird realization. i remember the day she was born. i left school early and went to carl's jr. just to get the call that momma was in labor. carl's jr. will never be the same again.
she had a big party (pics coming soon) and had a bunch of girls over. i thought about the cute little girls who were screaming over boy bands and watching a disney princess movie. i thought of what advice i would give them in growing up. would it be to be happy, to live with no regrets, would it be a cheesy quote like "live life to the fullest!"? the thought was dismissed when it was time for cake and ice cream, but as i scrolled through my bloglovin' feed, i saw this photo and it brought me back that thought. 

this is ALL of what i want my daughters AND sons to know, summed up into one single quote. beauty is within. i have a hard time accept myself at times. sometimes i do wish i was skinnier, sometimes i do wish my hair was longer, sometimes i do wish i was ridiculously talented. but at the end of the day, i really truly can accept myself for who i am, because i know that beauty is within... because that's the way God see's it. i sure hope my little kiddos will grow up with a strong knowledge of this. i already love them so much and think they are so perfect and so beautiful... 

it's hard to imagine what i'll think when i've actually met them.

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