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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Every single time I get good at blogging regularly, I stop. It's a bad cycle going on here and I'm trying to fix it. But life is just so busy. Really, it never stops. I'm growing up so fast. I love it, and I hate it. I want to be young again, I want to live the simplest life possible. But then again, I'm SO excited for my life to really begin.

The future has been fresh on my mind as of recent. I went to California last weekend for some dance workshops. I attended a class at UC Irvine and it was seriously unbelievable. The campus was beautiful and I found myself picturing me going to college there. Even though I will probably stick around here and attend BYU, it's so wild to think about it all. It's so crazy to think that I'm gonna have to grow up soon. Sure, I'm a high school student and I am as mature as a high school student can really be. But I'm going to be in college in about a year, which means dating. Not just taking a guy to Sweethearts or being asked to prom. I'm gonna be dating guys that I could really consider marrying. It sounds crazy, but I am so ready.

I am so ready to have someone who will love me, who will make decisions with me and learn all about this life with me. We will explore together, we will tease and talk about everything under the stars. We'll agree to disagree on certain things, and we'll always have each others backs, even when if we know we're wrong. We'll raise a darling family, a family that certainly won't be perfect, but we will love each other and teach our kids so many things we wish we would have known earlier in life. Our children will teach us things we could never learn without them, even when they're in their teenage years and basically disown us as their parents. We will enjoy the simple things in life, like kisses before bed and eating cookie dough and snuggling on Friday nights. We will love each other endlessly, even when my metabolism slows down and I get wrinkly and saggy. Our love will never die, not even when we do.

Maybe I over think the future, but I'm just excited. Yes, I have lots of growing up to do, just as everyone does at this stage. I'm just excited to turn a big page in this story we call life, and explore new things with new people that I will love and care for so much.

But as for now, I'm still in high school, and I still don't have a boyfriend, and I'm still at home blogging on a weekend night when everyone's out partying. But ya know what, I'm absolutely okay with that. Cause there's plenty of time to be a big kid, and to love one man with all that I have. For now, I'm seventeen years old and I won't be one of those silly girls to wish my life away. I am blessed, and things can only get better from here.

Until tomorrow; goodnight, lovebirds.

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