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Monday, November 3, 2014

So it took me forever to choose a new style for my blog... but it's finally done! And I absolutely love it. I hope y'all do too!
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it's my favorite season and I love dressing up, especially with a friend (or in my case, a super cute boyfriend). Connor and I spent our Halloween at a dance that he was the DJ for. He did so well and I was so so proud of him(if you ever need a DJ for a party or anything, let me know! Con really is so good and would love to DJ at your event)! I saw some really cute Elsa's this year and I must say, that was my weakness because I absolutely love Frozen and the little girls just looked absolutely adorable.
Connor and I dressed up as Woody and Jessie and I must say, we looked pretty dang cute.

I have no idea why this is blurry... I have tried uploading it through different accounts and things but it's just going to be blurry :(

I have to say that my mom made these costumes! She MADE them!! How amazing is she! Thanks mama, we couldn't have been such a cute Halloween couple without you!
I hope you all had such a fun (and very safe) Halloween! I'm sad that we have to wait another 365 some days until the next one but guess what...

I cannot wait!
Have a happy Monday :)
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