golden moments

Monday, July 14, 2014

tonight i had a real "aha" moment.
i had a really magical moment.
it was special.
it was a golden moment.
i think i have them more often than i even recognize.
i'm so incredibly lucky. this is such a big world, and i'm such a little girl. but somehow, as the world is spinning and people are rushing, i am here: falling deeply in love, having so many golden moments every single day. and i'll never take another one of them for granted.

connor kissed me tonight and after his lips left mine, i just lingered, my eyes still closed...
soaking in every second of that moment with him.
his arms around me, my body vulnerably, trustingly intertwined in his.
the movie playing on my television didn't exist.
my cell phone didn't exist.
nothing existed but the two of us.
and the longer i closed my eyes, the more love seemed to continuously grow within me.
i was full of love for this person.
i was the luckiest girl in the world.
it was a golden moment.
every single day with connor is a golden moment.
driving down the street, my hand in his, listening to whatever is playing (country if it's my car, rock or rap or Coldplay if it's his) :)
grocery shopping for a treat we wanted to make.
falling asleep next to him after a long day.
and no...
relationships aren't always easy.
they shouldn't be.
they require so much selflessness, so much trust, so much patience.
but as many hard times as there are...
there are thousands of golden moments for one single hard moment.
we learn, we grow.
and it makes for even more meaningful golden moments.
i love him so much, guys.
so much more than i ever thought i could love someone at just 18 years old.
i don't care how young i am.
the feeling i had when closing my eyes after a long kiss with the boy i love so much was undeniable;
it was love.
no doubt in my mind.
i love him.
i love him.
i love him.
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