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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

my heart breaks thinking that anyone even has to write posts like these- especially those who I went to school and shared the same neighborhood grocer with for so many years.

four days ago, on August 16, 2013, indica huddleston left her parents a note explaining that she did not want to go back to lone peak high school. she also mentioned that she was being "taken care of" and that she will be safe. she has not been seen since.

indica's parents first issued this as a runaway situation, but after evaluating indica's cell phone and facebook, they quickly found that she could very well be in danger. there were some signs of indica talking to some older males who may or may not know that she is underage. some people are just bad people, and any of these men could be one among those bad people. but we can all only pray that indic a is only being an irresponsible teenager and return home safely and unharmed.

my facebook timeline has been blowing up with requests for prayers for the huddleston's and that indica will be found soon. it is truly humbling how many good people are in the world and who want to help mankind. this generation gets a very bad reputation for being "out of control". people say that as the years go by, the human race becomes worse and worse, greedier and nastier. which i definitely could see being a valid point, but in situations like these, you really do get to see all of the kind, tenderhearted people who are willing to do so much to help people. i am sure that the huddleston's are feeling and appreciating that love which they need so much in a time like this.

however, this situation also proves that all it takes is one rotten person to almost outnumber the many, many good people. this should be a lesson to us all that we should absolutely see the good in people, but also not to have complete blind optimism and trust in those whom we don't personally know are good people.

again, the pit in my stomach is leaving me in a very somber mood this evening. the fact that people even have to type these words... i cannot imagine the absolutely crazy emotions running around inside indica's family members and close friends.

PLEASE keep your eyes open for indica. she is most likely in utah, seattle, los angeles, las vegas, or somewhere traveling in between. you may not be the one to physically see and find her, but prayers are so powerful and no situation can receive too many of them. so please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers; we have hope that indica will come home soon.

indica huddleston 16 years old
from alpine, utah
missing since friday 8/16
5'3" long brown hair, hazel eyes
like the 'find indica' Facebook page made by her sister, Sierra, by clicking HERE

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