Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ya know that feeling?
the one when you feel, not empty...
because "i feel empty" is too poetic.
you don't feel poetic.
you don't feel like beautiful words with a deeper meaning.
you just feel a sort of hollow.
like if someone were to knock on your chest,
it would echo.
e c h o .
you're stuck in the same old.
there's nothin' making your heart go-
and even though you're just shy of 18 years young,
and you shouldn't need someone to make you feel special,
you kind of feel that you do.
or at least you want it.
you want someone,
someone out of the ordinary,
to be your best friend.
to look at you and admire everything about you.
even your quirks.
like the dimples by your eyes,
or that snort after you giggle.
someone to watch movies with,
to waste friday nights with.
someone to miss when you've been busy.
someone to make you feel at home every time you're with them,
even if you're miles away.
a best friend.
who accepts you for your faults.
for your past.
for your present.
and WANTS to be a part of your future.
you feel like everyone's found something to make them feel special-
but you haven't yet found that.
and you really want to.
remember when i said you don't feel poetic?
well maybe you do.
cause when you start thinking about if this "someone" were to exist,
you think you'd feel quite poetic about them.
poetic and full.
full of,
i don't even know what.
cause i've never been "full".
full of that unknown, mystery thing.
but again, i'm just shy of 18.
i'll get there.
i just wish everyone around me WASN'T there.
or at least,
i wish they didn't THINK they were.

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