Tuesday, March 6, 2012

All these faces.
All these names.
These souls that walk around everyday, minding their own business.
But wouldn't it be nice to be noticed?
To feel like there's another soul in this world that thinks yours is worth staying...
I'm sure there's a girl in a small town who feels that same way.
It's as if everyone is a gold sticker.
Shining, marking something of worth and pride.
And she's an old paperclip.
Rusty, holding together so much that it seems impossible, knowing that I won't last.
Feeling alone, even when surrounded by people.
There are so many barriers, so many weights holding her down.
If this whole world was a flock of beautiful birds, she'd be the one who can't fly.
Maybe the one who won't let itself fly.
Cause maybe she's doing this to herself.
Maybe she doesn't have the slightest clue what she's done wrong.
But all she wants is to be something to someone.
No one knows what her eyes have seen.
All she wants is to tell someone.
To lift at least one of these unbearable weights from her chest, to make it easier to breathe every second of every day and sleep every hour of every night.
She might be scared.
But she doesn't say it. Never would she admit to being vulnerable.
Because vulnerability is weakness.
And when you have so many people leaning on you, the last thing you can be is weak.
But maybe she is weak after all.
Maybe she's scared.
Maybe she's broken.
Maybe she's discouraged; alone.
Maybe one of these days she'll give it all up.
And give her soul to the rest of them.

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