something about these creatures

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

There's just something about birds that makes me think. They're so beautiful. The way they use their wings to swim through the air, it seems.
The way it looks so easy; so effortless.
All they need to do is fly and sing songs for us to hear. There is no worry in the world, nor is there a single burden to bare.
They sit on phone cables, merely watching the rest of the world's hustle and bustle.
But when they are done and through with watching us all, they just fly.
Free from the stress of us people.
Free from the weight of the world.
Free from the noise.
And they simply fly.
Not always on their own, they often have companions. Sometimes even flocks with dozens of them fly together. They are friends; a family. Never will they have to fly alone if they don't feel safe.
At times they are alone, but they are never lonely.
 The birds; they see everything we don't.
They have the power to look at situations, places, people, in different ways than us humans can even imagine.
And to think, WE feed the birds.
When really, THEY should be feeding us.
Feeding us with their knowledge of this world.
Besides, they're the ones with the "bird's eye view" on this earth.

I like to tell myself that Devin and Brandon, as well as other loved ones I have lost, are as birds now. Watching over all of us, everywhere, at once. Cheering for us on the telephone cables. They're free from the burdens of being the ground; free from gravity holding them down. They don't feel emptiness, nor do they feel loneliness. They have each other. Always. Whether they want to fly alone, or with one another. There is never a lonely moment, only silent. There is never an awkward silence, only tranquil. They're as pleasant as pleasant can be; as peaceful as peace is supposed to be. They're just chirping together in a place we call "the sky", when the reality is; they're in absolute heaven.

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